Greg Walker, born September 3, 1971, otherwise known as "Bam-Bam"  died Friday morning, September 11, 2009.

Greg worked in the paddock as a mechanic for Scott Jensen and Halof Racing under Rodney Rayborne. He also did a brief stint with KWS last season in the AMA and with Chris Cooke in the ASRA and has wrenched on numerous bikes throughout the club racing paddocks. Greg also raced as an Amateur in CCS for a few years.

He was always there to lend a hand, whether it is changing tires to more extensive work. Greg was a huge force in the Washington D.C. biking community both on and off the track. This has hit us hard and he will forever be missed.

Greg suffered brain damage after prolonged hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and the side effect caused his brain to be deprived of oxygen. The damage to his brain was extensive enough that he was no longer able to breathe on his own.

The difficult decision to donate his healthy organs to needing recipients was approved by his family. Greg's giving nature and absolute unselfishness will be continued for many years even after he has passed on.

"  He was always known in the paddock as someone who would lend you anything he had or would lend a hand to get you on the track,"  said Chris Cooke.

"  Greg was one of those genuinely nice and giving people that you seldom find. If there were more people like him in the world it would be a better place, but instead we have lost him and the world is a slightly darker place because of it. It was a privilege and an honor knowing him. Godspeed, Bam Bam,"  said Scott Jensen AMA rider #61.

"  He was always a fun loving guy whose enthusiasm for road racing and helping out friends was bigger than he was. He will be missed,"  said Eric Haugo.

"  Greg was the first one to show up and offer his help to me on any team I have helped with these past few years. When at home he was always the first one to come to all the charity events and offer his services. He was a great friend who loved helping everyone. I will miss him dearly,"  said Bree Poland.

Written by Bree Poland

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Bam Bam, you will be in our hearts forever. We are all thankful for being fortunate enough to have you be a part of our lives.